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Wednesday, September 19

Schwitzingen, Speyer

Today was a great day. Brilliant blue sky and bright sun on wakeup and throughout the day with just some scattered small clouds although cooler than the previous days, in the mid to upper 60's.

Breakfast was the usual selections we've become used to so we go off fully fueled for the morning.

First stop today is Schwitzingen, home of a palace and a garden built similar in style and design to Versailles. We've seen enough palaces so just concentrated on the gardens. From roaming peacocks and loads of ducks, fountains everywhere, nooks and crannies and alcoves filled with water and plants, and statues everywhere, the place was a feast for the eyes and camera.

The morning sun was brilliant, but the air cool, which made it a joy to just stroll throughout the gardens.

Then we headed for Speyer. Speyer has the Kaiserdom, a cathedral founded in 1030, the largest Romanesque building in Europe, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We visited the cathedral and walked the Maximillianstrasse, the main pedestrian street, for a while. The owner of the hotel we're at had recommended a place to eat and we did so. The inside is immense, large rooms full of tables, and people, as well as an outside beer garden, also immense, which is where we opted to have lunch.

Karen had a really large salad with chicken filets, pineapple slices, a great dressing, a Coke and bread. Mike, also a large mixed salad, with the added taste and aroma of fresh red peppercorns, grilled sea bass filets, and his first beer of the trip. Everything was excellent.

Then off to the Technik Museum, just a short distance away.

This museum had three buildings housing anything man has created in the area of cars, trains, engines, air and space travel as well as an IMAX. The timing was off to see an IMAX we had not already seen, but that was good as we needed all of the three hours we spent there.

We went into a real Lufthansa 747 that was mounted on pillars that put it at least 50 feet in the air, and at an angle as though it were turning. Inside was like being in a funhouse where it looked like you were level, but your senses told you everything was tilted, which it was, which did wonders for vertigo. But that was not all. We actually walked on the wing of the plane (with wire cage mounted around so you don't fall off!)

We then went into a real German U boat submarine from WWI, a real Russian Antonov cargo plane, and a few smaller, by comparison, early jet and propeller driven craft. Tons of propeller and fighter jets were on display dating from the first World War.

Not to take up the entire blog with this, but they also had cars, both touring as well as racers, from the 1900's to the mid 90's, most of which were in working condition. Steam and diesel engine locomotives, spacecraft like the LEM, Shuttle, and the Russian Vostok. You could have spent the entire day there.

But, by 5pm we were walked out. We had intended driving back into Heidelberg but that would have been too much. So we headed back into Speyer's main platz, found a spot on the pedestrian walk, and settled in for some coffee and cake (a large Tiramisu and equally large chocolate layer and iced cake).

We then walked a bit more, window shopping, and finally called it a day at 7pm.

Tonight we pack up a bit and tomorrow head for Bad Wimpfen, with stops at a few small towns along the way. We'll fill you in on that tomorrow night

Guten Nacht


Schwitzingen Gardens


Gardens Statuary




State Building




Dom from Pedestrian Mall


Old Tower and City Gate from 12C - 13C


Lunch Break






Can you see people walking on the wing?


Dom from a distance



Posted by MikeandKaren 12:04

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Fabulous weather. Love the 747. You visited the Schlossgarten in Schwetzingen - I have a Flick friend that lives there !!That cake is looking really good. What kind of tshotchkes are you buying? Are you experiencing any of the "Old" Germany - attitudes etc?

by JonBattle

Not buying too much that we don't need. Will pick up some artwork later. Of course we're also waiting until Rothenburg where we'll stock up on XMAS stuff. That's the place to do it. As for the people here, couldn't be nicer. Whether people we meet in the street, at sites , in the hotels, or just bump into, they have all been friendly and helpful as well as interested in where and how we live (as we ask too of them).

by MikeandKaren

1. Good pix of the people walking on the wings. I am enthralled by what you shared regarding the airplanes.

2.By now, after all these years, I know which one of you had the tiramisu and who had the chocolate cake by now.

3. I just had a magnum ice cream that you mentioned from your last trip. Now I want that chocolate cake you just mentioned!!!
4.Have fun with the xmas buying stuff!!

by Paula

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