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Sunday - September 16

Marksburg Castle & Bacharach

Up a bit earlier at 7:30. Heavy fog covers the castle but the sun is visible over the eastern mountain on the other side of the Mosel.

After breakfast we're off for Braubach and Marksburg Castle on the Rhine River. The first part of the trip follows the shore of the Mosel River and the morning light rising in the East makes all of the towns that line the West bank of the river look even more stupendous. Light fog and steam rising off the river casts a warm and mysterious glow to the picture.

About a half hour later we turn inland to shortcut the drive and we arrive at Marksburg castle at 11:15. The first guided tour, in English, is at noon. We just spend the interim browsing the area, talking to the shop keepers, one of whom lived in Myrtle Beach, and then in a shop located in a tunnel on the way to the castle, that sells antiques, more of which later.

We also met a couple from Little Rock and ended up chatting with them and later having lunch with.

The tour guide speaks very good English and gives a good history of the castle, which escaped destruction during the wars, mostly because of its location not being as important nor its size either, was very interesting.

Then a lunch break, just coffee and apple pie, and then to the antique dealer.

In the medieval days, as books were updated, for example, a rule changed, a law was rewritten, a book was updated, the changed pages were removed and new ones inserted, Many of the pages were reused, but many just discarded. Many of those discarded pages ended up being saved and ended up, 500 to 700 years later in collectors hands. Eventually, as there were a lot of these pages collected, they got sold to other collectors. Many ended up in this shop, or shops like it.

We ended up buying a page with painting of a local scene where two people were having a discussion, from 1497, about 515 years old. It comes with a description and certificate of guaranty and provenance, and we just need to get it translated. While we thought of buying a whole book (yes, they had whole books available), we just didn't have a spare 7,000 Euros.

Then off to Bacharach.

Bacharach is only about 56 Km away, on the other side of the river, and the Garmin said to just go South (instead of North to Koblenz to hit the bridge and get to the West side of the Rhine). So we trusted her, even though the map showed no bridges across the river anywhere near Bacharach. But it ended up being a better option because the scenery was great, castles every few miles, and, best of all, when we got across the river from Bacharach it turned out there was a ferry. The Garmin, as we pulled onto the ramp to board, along with a bunch of motorcycles, simply said "board the ferry and go right when you get off". Sure enough, not 5 minutes later, the ferry docked, we were first off, turned right onto the main road, and minutes later were in Bacharach.

Bacharach is another picturesque town on the Rhine and the main platz looks like something out of a fairytale, just incredibly beautiful. We spent from 3pm to 5:30pm walking around, climbing hills, a tower to get a view over the town and vineyards, walking the riverbank to plan tomorrow's boat trip to St. Goar, more walking, ruined churches, and finally a dinner stop.

We ate outside on a hotel terrace, Karen had chicken with a mushroom sauce with Spaetzle, like soft French fries though they call it a potato dumpling, salad, and Mike, as usual, pan fried whole trout, small potatoes, salad and wine.

After dinner, more walking and a last stop for dessert, coffee and cake, and finally, about 7pm, back to the hotel to call it a day.

Now we're ready to relax, do the blog, and get to sleep.


View of Rhine from Marksburg Castle


Markeburg Castle


Karen on Ferry with Bikers, Town of Kaub View and Castle


Oldest house in Bacharach - 1368




View from Tower of Bacharach


Mike's Dinner


Karen's Dinner


Bacharach Center

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Looks like great weather...you can see for miles !! How is the ipad treating you...keeping up with world news and politics? Happy New Year !!

by JonBattle

The iPad is great. Pretty used to what's needed. And yes, keeping up with the world is easy too between the WSJ Online and CNN or CNBC on TV.

by MikeandKaren

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