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Monday, September 24


First, before I forget, there were no meal pictures for last night because I had taken out the SD card to backup the pictures we took to the iPad and when we went to dinner, forgot to put it back in. So the pictures of us and our meals are in the camera's memory and I did not take the cable, nor the iPad adapter, with us that allows me to transfer out of memory to the PC. So they'll have to wait until we get back. We had an excellent dinner at our hotel restaurant, Karen had Weiner Schnitzel and Mike had Duck liver as an appetizer and Duck Breast for his entree.

This morning was again cloudy, but not cold, and after breakfast we left expecting it to be like the other days with the clouds breaking up by the time we get to Nuremberg, 104Km, about an hour away. As it turned out it stayed mostly cloudy past 1:30pm, but then the clouds broke up and the sun came out. We did have some sprinkles around 1pm but we decided to have lunch then so it wasn't an issue.

Nuremberg is a very large city, about 500,000 people. But getting in and finding parking was easy. Once again we were happily amazed at the ease we've had parking. The drive was about an hour, and entry to the city was around a ring road that led us right to the Banhof, the large train station at the center of the city. Just as we pass the Banhof is the Parkplatz, a 6 story modern structure with parking areas on two sides that end up totalling 11 'floors'. It has room for over 1200 cars. We had to drive up to the 11th floor, but within 5 minutes we were parked and out.

An underground passage gets you across the street, which is 4 lanes wide filled with people and shops, and then you're on Konignstrasse, a pedestrian street that wends its way up hill, really up hill at the end, and is the center of tourism.

It starts with a very large tourist bureau followed by stores of everykind, then a large square filled with vendors selling the usual market day supplies, foot, shoes, anything you might need, as well as food to just eat there. Nuremberg was heavily bombed during WWII so many of the buildings were rebuilt after the war but in their original style.

Along the sides of the streets (the street is actually very wide) and the Platzs are churches, restaurants, museums, city buildings, the town hall, a river crosses under it, hospital, fountains, all the way up to the castle. We browsed the market stalls that lined the Hauptmarkt, a lively large square full of fruit, flower, souvenir and food vendors. This is where the annual Christmas market is held (the largest in Germany).

The final 250 meters or so to the castle are steep and you'll be happy you have good legs.

We stopped for lunch as it started to sprinkle about 1pm. This was at a small outside cafe, but on a terrace, with umbrellas at least 15 feet square that kept the rain off of you.

The basic fare was sausages. You could buy 6,9,12 or more for big parties and side dishes. An order came with one side dish and extras were about a Euro. So we got an order of 6 to share, plus potato salad as the side, plus a great horseradish side for the sausages. Very, very good and radishy. They also gave you a basket of rolls, bread, and pretzels, of which we had two pretzels, and they charge you by what you take out. Coke for Karen, Beer for Mike. And, surprise, for the first time, our waiter, who spoke good English, asked if Karen wanted a glass of ice cubes for the soda! All of this, with tip, was 17 Euros, about $22. By the time we were done the rain showers had stopped and the sun came out.

We then dragged ourselves up the remainder of the Konigstrasse to the castle. We wandered around it but decided not to take the mandatory hour long tour (in German) to see the inside of the palace, so we settled for the outside only.

After that we went down a bit to visit the Albrecht Durer house. He is Germany's equivalent to Italy's Michangelo. Entry came with a portable PDA type guided tour with headphones, and was recorded as though his wife was giving the tour and telling you about their lives back in the 13C and 14C.

By now it was 3:30pm and our feet were complaining, so we wended our way back down into the Hauptmarkt (Markt Square) for last minute shopping possibilities, to some sunlit pictures, and headed for the car. We were too beat to go the Nazi Documentation Center and Rally grounds so we left at 4pm and headed home. We really needed 2 days here to take in all the sites.

Along the way we ran into some rainy areas, but when we got to Rothenberg the sun was blazing. However, as I write this, 6:30pm, the sky is cloudy again and rained lightly. But as we head out for dinner the blue sky is back. So, we'll see, and take umbrellas just in case.

We had Italian for dinner tonight, a shared appetizer of bruschetta with garlic and tomatoes, 2 mixed salads and spaghetti bolognese for Karen and spaghetti frutti de mare for Mike.

We can't believe the end is almost here, just one for day. We plan to spend the morning in Rothenburg to finish our walk around the town walls and enjoy one last view of this picture perfect town. Then, depending on time we may stop off for a few hours in Wurzburg before heading to Frankfurt airport.

Guten Nacht


Entry gate to Konigstrasse


St. Lawrence Church


St. Lawrence Door


Inside view of St. Lawrence


Holy Ghost Hospital




Markt Square - St. Lawrence in Rear


Jon - Here's those sausages you asked about


Detail of gold 'Beautiful Fountain'


Frauenkirche Clock




Lunch - Sausages, Potato Salad, Horse Radish, Coke & Beer




Castle View

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That Market looks great..as does the dinner, and pretzels in that basket. Without the sun, things do look "dark" - maybe appropriate for this city so key to Nazi history. Enjoy last day. Marlene returns Wednesday night !

by JonBattle

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